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Ghosts of the Highway

Through my Ghosts of the Highway series, I aim to explore the intersection between memory, history, and space. My work explores abandoned buildings and the untold stories they contain, both through the physical remnants of their former inhabitants and the imaginations of those who encounter them. I use vintage black-and-white photographs, sourced from thrift shops and antique stores, to insert a human presence into these spaces, creating a haunting juxtaposition between the past and present. Making these images slightly translucent gives them an ethereal, ghostly quality, as if they are spectres from another time that have materialized in the present. Together, the empty buildings and ghostly figures form a new narrative, one that bridges the gap between the forgotten past and the present moment. Through this series, I invite viewers to reflect on the power of memory, the fleeting nature of time, and the beauty of the stories that can be found in the spaces we inhabit.




At the Office

Gas Station


In the Kitchen

Morse Code

Moving Day


The Forest


St. Brigide School

Wharf Road

The Pool

The Mattress

The Priest

The Twins

The Hospital


The Conversation

The Dinner